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TRY…On my 51st birthday my youngest daughter, Rachel, gave me a wooden plaque that simply said, “Try”. She was eighteen years old at the time. Her entire life I told her to never let people tell her she couldn’t. Never to believe she wasn’t good enough. Always, always I told her to try. It was okay if you fail, but you need to give it a good try. You could never regret failure. You could regret the lack of an attempt. So, as she lived in her decrepit dorm room in Russell Hall at the University of Georgia, I think she understood what I tried to preach to her through the years. She tried...sometimes without the greatest results, but in the end, she found the wonderful woman God created her to be. I know there are cartwheels in heaven as they continue to witness her accomplishments. So now, my precious girl, Rachel, realized it was my turn...Rather than being the just the ‘mom’, the search engine quicker than google (Mom, how do you wash clothes…change the oil in your car... balance a check book….) I could be more. I could do my own searching, my own trying, and my own failing. So my excuses have been banished. My days are no longer filled with mundane tasks. My children are grown and lovely human beings. They think outside the box. They are kind to others; they contribute to the well-being of the world, they are comfortable in their own skin. As I said on my home page, I believe there is an artist inside of each and every one of us. My good friend, Terri, told me of a book, “Art Before Breakfast”, by Danny Gregory. I have never read the book, but the title says it all. If we start the day with our greatest gifts, the gift of art, the gift which allows us to be the best of who we are created to be, the entire world will be a better place. We will feel more complete, more in tune with the world. And if we fail; well, we can smile. We tried. And we can do something different until. Until we find it and we can share with the world. And it will be a better place. So my dear friends, I will share all these words that I have inside me that are my art, and you, you come with me and find your art. And let’s simply tryBrenda

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