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Invitation: Recognize you're part of Something Wonderful!

Not soon forgiven or forgotten, I daresay most, if not all of us, ushered out the year 2020 with a 'don't let the door hit you on the way out' attitude.

I know I did.

But I also decided to embrace a concept, and I invite you, along with me, to recognize the joy and beauty in this world and understand we're part of

Something Wonderful.

Since the pandemic, our small faith group, or as we call it, our Faith Family, gathers around our computers and we share scripture and meaningful events in our lives and what we plan to do to help make the world a better place. We do this rather than risk going to Mass, and while there is no replacing the larger community nor the Eucharist, it fills something precious and holy inside of each of us, in a different and new way. We've all said it, and we are like glue on Sunday evenings.

Last Sunday, I shared how I read somewhere that our body and soul are born when we're conceived, but our spirit has been around since the beginning of time. I have no idea if I retrieved this from a random blog or if it’s part of accepted theology. It doesn't matter to me because I like it.

"Isn’t that a lovely thought?” I asked my faith family. “We’ve all been a part of a large goodness—a part of Something Wonderful since the beginning of time!”

My brother in faith, Michael, laughed. “It’s funny you should use those words,” he said. “Because during my prayer time, I imagined a mansion where I meet Jesus. In my prayers, I was overwhelmed with the exact same words and heard that Something Wonderful was coming our way!”

My sister is a nurse. She is working double shifts, with few days off in between. Today she told me she was weary and needed rest.

“Have you done Something Wonderful for yourself today?” I asked. “Walked, read, meditated, or prayed?”

“It’s hard when all I want—all I need is rest.” Her text read. Then she followed. “I psyche myself up with music.”

And that is Something Wonderful! It connects us to all who have rejoiced in the gift of melodies, harmonies, and lyrics.

Seventeen hundred years ago, St. Augustine of Hippo said, “To sing is to pray twice.”

Indeed, and if we are part of Something Wonderful we are praying thrice—or perhaps even praying without ceasing, as St. Paul directed.

So, friends, let’s embrace the goodness, the beauty, all that is good and lovely and recognize our part in

Something Wonderful.


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